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I started DSLRguide with an eagerness to share my newly acquired filmmaking knowledge, and as much as the videos have changed, that's still the primary goal. Producing DSLRguide has given me the perfect excuse to practice my skills and collect my thoughts, pushing me to make more content, improve my craft, and question everything while learning. Over the years our team: Alexa (line producer), Jamie (assistant editor), Urania (copywriter) and I (Simon) have documented lighting challenges with inexpensive equipment, spoken honestly about career mistakes and insecurities, and repeatedly tried to understand what it means to be a storyteller. 

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Simon Cade

While growing up, I often switched between drawing cartoons, playing instruments, or building various creations with cardboard and lots of tape. It was only when I picked up a video camera to make my first short film that I realised I’d found my new and favourite interest. 


I currently live in Brighton and have found that working for myself allows me to combine all of my work-related interests – film, music, and analytical writing. When I'm not working, I try to spend as much time hiking, rewatching British comedy series, playing badminton and having barbecues in the park.

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